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If you’ve ever taken a trip to the grocery store while hungry, then you’re likely well aware of how everything on the shelf suddenly becomes the most appetizing thing you’ve ever seen.  And before you know it, you’ve got a shopping cart overflowing with random crap that you’d otherwise never buy (and a twice as expensive total at the checkout). 

Starting and growing a business can be just like that.  You are hungry for something new and exciting but end up in the wrong aisle.


Because you are full of ideas, all of which seem to be equally as exciting, but get stuck on "how do I choose"?

I like to write down all of my ideas and then look to see what themes emerge from them or if there is one in particular that I keep coming back to.  Then I go back to my vision statement and see if the ideas are in line. If so, I move forward.  If not, then I ask myself if my vision still holds true and re-evaluate from there.

But too often we get "shiny object syndrome" and then every idea becomes that value size bag of Totinos Pizza Rolls, vanilla bean ice cream and kale chips (you know...because you need something healthy to balance out the junk).  And you're so sure you'll devour them all but in reality just end up with a massive stomach ache.

Idea overload is like that.  Everything looks so damn good, but is it really the best thing for you?

When I get this way, I think back to something I heard Rebecca Minkoff say: "pick a lane."


Commit to a decision and move forward.  Otherwise you’ll end up three years down the road with no further progress than when you first had the idea.

, is there something you’ve been going back and forth on?

What would it take for you to pick a lane and commit to it?

Try writing it down, talking to a trusted friend or mentor or doing some informal market research by asking the person in the grocery store line (just don’t go on an empty stomach).

And if you need a more organized resource, join me for a mastermind on Friday, March 30th (click here to register).  Come with your ideas and leave with a plan! can sit on it and wait for the elusive "right time" (which I'm sorry to say my friend, usually means never). 

You have the power of choice!  Don't let yourself get into a state of's not a happy place.

Cheers to your brilliant ideas!
Shelly Brockman, MBA
Creator, The Moxie Project + SheStarts A Business

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